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Hybrid Sci-Fi Music Pack (LOOPS + STEMS)

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Hybrid Sci-Fi Music Pack

This music pack contains 12 loopable tracks of Epic Sci-Fi music. If you need music for any action-packed Sci-Fi video game, then this is the music pack you're looking for. Featuring powerful synths and explosive drums, the Hybrid Sci-Fi Music Pack is sure to have the perfect mix of orchestral and electronic to bring your video game to the next level.

Not only do you get 12 tracks of music, but you also get the STEMS for each song - allowing you to customize the arrangement of instruments used for the tracks. Create your own version of the track by layering different instruments at different times to create dynamic and adaptive music for your video game!

*** This music pack will receive free updates of new tracks - buy it now before the price increases with each update! ***


(.wav, 44.1kHz, 16bit)
  1. Protecting Earth (LOOP) [1:00]
  2. Beyond (LOOP) [1:00]
  3. Mission Report (LOOP) [1:00]
  4. Exploring the Wasteland (LOOP) [1:00]
  5. Together (LOOP) [1:30]
  6. Battle Arena (LOOP) [1:00]
  7. Weapons Hot (LOOP) [1:00]
  8. Recon Mission (LOOP) [1:00]
  9. Warfare (LOOP) [1:00]
  10. At the End of Time (LOOP) [2:00]
  11. Another Day, Another Battle (LOOP) [1:00]
  12. The Final War (LOOP) [1:00]

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