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16-Bit Adventure Music Pack (LOOPS + STEMS)

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All tracks are YouTube and Streaming safe! No need to worry about copyright strikes :)

This music pack contains 12 loopable tracks of 21 minutes of fantastic 16-bit music. If you need music for an RPG video game, then this is the music pack you're looking for. Featuring classic video game sounds, 16-BIT ADVENTURE MUSIC is sure to have the perfect retro sound to bring your video game to the next level.

Not only do you get 12 tracks of music, but you also get the STEMS for each track - allowing you to customize the arrangement of instruments used for the tracks. Create your own version of the track by layering different instruments at different times to create dynamic and adaptive music for your video game!


(.wav, 44.1kHz, 16bit)
  1. Going on an Adventure (LOOP)  [1:42]
  2. Finding the Path (LOOP)  [1:36]
  3. The Tavern (LOOP)  [1:26]
  4. Newfound Friends (LOOP)  [1:04]
  5. Dragon Attack (LOOP)  [2:03]
  6. Into the Cave (LOOP)  [1:26]
  7. The Depths (LOOP)  [3:55]
  8. Dungeon Crawl (LOOP)  [1:15]
  9. Battle on Frost Mountain (LOOP)  [0:55]
  10. Sabotaged (LOOP)  [0:27]
  11. The Final Room (LOOP)  [0:29]
  12. Homeward (LOOP)  [4:42]
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You will get a ZIP (734MB) file

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